I decided to build an online tool that allows you to derive musical notes from any image, so that one could “hear” what a picture would sound like. I’ve seen this concept explored before, however many of the implementations I had come across gave color values arbitrary musical equivalents. I wanted to explore this same concept, but I came across something that would allow me to use some data that was a little less arbitrary.

Go play with the tool here!

Early screenshot of the tool in action


The HTML5 module for GameMaker Studio 2 allows you to export your game to a format that can be uploaded to the web, and played right in the browser. This format can also be used to create desktop applications. Wait, what?

What’s Electron?

I’m sure you can already see where I’m going with this. …

Chris Anselmo

A web developer that likes to tinker and build cool stuff. Also likes long walks on the beach and cheesecake.

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